Monthly Archives: January 2016


Hi! Welcome to my website. Here you can sample some of my writing, published and unpublished. My friend David Burton built the site, but it was too complicated for a mere mortal like me. Another friend, Steven Ayers, simplified it. Steven has simplified it enough now that I can learn to run it. Thanks Guys. Stay tuned.

The site has a proper contact page. If you want to contact me, that’s the way. In the past, visitors could leave a comment anywhere, with the assumption I would see it and respond. That turned out to be unmanageable, and subject to spamming. That’s fixed now, thanks to Steven.

Unless you Googled my name, or saw it mentioned on Facebook, chances are you learned about this site because it’s on the back cover of The Speedster and the Skunk, the first book to be published under my name, or Chax, a Dolphin’s Song, the second.

Both are available on Amazon, both as a Kindle book or paperback. I’m very pleased if you bought one that way. And if you do, I would also be pleased if you would post a review on Amazon. You can find how right next to where the book is for sale. Amazon knows whether you were it’s customer, and only those who bought the book from them can post a review.

I had several signings for the Speedster, and I plan to have at least a couple for Chax this summer and fall. I’ll announce them here and on Facebook, and here.

Again, welcome.


Tom Yancey